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Nowadays, getting a confinement nanny is becoming more and more popular in our generation as a result of more affluent lifestyles. It’s so popular that we have to book really early in advance for the good ones! Ladies who recently got pregnant and ask for confinement advice, should be informed to book their confinement nanny and infant care early!

“What does a confinement nanny do? Do they help to do housework? Very expensive to just take care of a baby, I mean a newborn baby sleeps the whole day right?”

These are very common questions that would be parents usually ask in forums and parenting sites.

First of all, experienced mommies will tell you that baby does not sleep the whole day! If you are lucky enough, u can get 3-4hrs of resting while they nap, if not please prepare to be awake every hourly (worst day).

Ok so they don’t sleep the whole day but they only drink and poo and pee.

That’s correct also, but they don’t drink, poo/pee 3-4 times a day.. They do more than you can imagine! So imagine you got to prepare meals and taking care of new born, making/pumping milk, seriously 24/7 is not enough, not to mention washing baby clothes with baby detergent by hand. Also, babies need to change clothes almost 4-6 times a day!

Hence, a confinement nanny, not only helps to take care of the newborn baby well-being, they also prepare nutritional meals for mums to nourish their body, especially if new mums are planning to breastfeed their babies.  

They also teach and help you to set into routine faster, like how to bathe them, clean them etc. Trust me the dummy baby you learn during pre-natal class is definitely very different from handling a real baby.  To make sure that you have a good rest, most nannies will normally ask mommy to sleep at night, and theywill do the night shift (remember that baby don’t sleep long hours). They wake up every 2 hours for night feeds Of course some prefer to take care of the baby themselves during the night, to get used to the routine.

That’s why it’s always a “honeymoon” or luxury to have confinement lady around, because there will be someone around, not only helping you to take care of baby’s well-being but mother’s too.

This site is created by moms for moms and aims to better connect confinement nannies with would-be expecting mothers in a more efficient and informative manner. We can also provide recommendation and screening services if required on top of the classifieds section for confinement nannies. The better confinement nannies are more often than not recommended via word of mouth by mummies who have used them before.


"A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for ! " 

 - Author unknown